Department of Relations with Public Authorities and Civil Society

The Department of Relations with Public Authorities and Civil Society is the structure within the Presidential Institution that serves to administer the relationship with the central or local public authorities (Parliament, Government, local authorities) and to maintain dialogue with the civil society. This department supervises the Compartment for Civil Matters responsible for managing civil matters, which is regarded as very important in the relationship between the President and the Romanians. This compartment annually receives tens of thousands of petitions, memorandums or amnesty requests. In addition, on behalf of the President, the compartment gives audiences to whom may be interested.

The department serves to cooperate with the public authorities and the civil society’s organisations to support a so-called platform for dialogue which represents an important expertise source for the President’s decision making. Collaboration with the public institutions and with the NGOs is vital to understand the society’s concerns and in order to define and comprehend this relationship, the department can set up various debates, meetings and conferences, but it can also contribute to impact studies with regard to major concerns of the Romanians. The scope of the NGOs the department keeps contact with is very broad, ranging from local public organisms, youth, elderly or disabled people's organisations, professional associations or liberal professions. The department is also concerned with sport matters and promoting and supporting sport events.

State Adviser Cătălina Galer