Department for Domestic Politics

The Department for Domestic Politics is the structure within the Presidential Administration responsible for elaborating analyses, syntheses and predictions on the structure of the political system and the development of the domestic political life (legitimacy, institutional structures, decisional process, public policies, political staff and others).

The department formulates recommendations concerning the activity and public positions of President of Romania exercising his constitutional prerogatives in connection with domestic politics: to watch over respecting the Constitution and the proper functioning of the public authorities, to mediate between the state powers or between state and society. In this respect, the activity of the main public institutions, of the political parties, of the non-governmental organisations is ceaselessly analysed, followed by issuing correspondent recommendations of action lines to President of Romania.

The department maintains and develops the communication between President of Romania and the Presidential Administration with the Government and the Parliament of Romania, with the parliamentary and non-parliamentary political parties. An example in this regard is organising consultations with the parliamentary political parties.

Additionally, the department is a dialogue partner for the civil society as it cooperates with non-governmental organisations and civil, political or juridical groups of experts in order to support the recommendations and points of view that are submitted to the head of state. Furthermore, the department aims at enforcing the partnership of President of Romania with the public institutions and the civil society.

The department’s goals refer to democratic consolidation; good governance; transparency and open data; modernisation and decentralisation of the public administration; depoliticisation and professionalisation of the public office; reforming the political class, the parties and the electoral process; civic and political participation.