Department for the Relation with Romanians Abroad

The Department for the Relation with Romanians Abroad is the structure within the Presidential Administration that supports President of Romania’s relationship with the Romanians abroad and with their belonging communities. 

The core assignments of the Department are to collaborate with the related Romanian public institutions and with representatives of the expat Romanians, to compile specific documents, to organise actions assigned to the Romanian communities, to keep contact with them, as well as to represent the President at various events. In order to accomplish these tasks, the Department works out preliminary activities for planning, organising and developing activities in which President of Romania takes part in the country and abroad, with dialogue with the expat Romanians as a topic. The strategic target of the Department is ensuring and enforcing the relationship between President of Romania and the Romanians abroad by creating new dialogue mechanisms. In this respect, it presents President of Romania suggestions on setting objectives and improving them with regard to the strategy to be carried out in order to be more closely connected to the Romanians abroad by intensifying the dialogue with their representatives. Furthermore, the main concern of the department refers to improving the representation and consultation mechanisms for the Romanians abroad through their direct implication in defining the Romanian public policies.

To support the Romanian citizens and their communities abroad, the Department is planning to launch the action guidelines for the proper implementation of the main commitments publicly assumed by President of Romania. Consequently, the Department will ensure that all necessary approaches are made so that the Presidential Administration is an integrator of the efforts of all the parties involved: public institutions and Romanian citizens.

The dialogue between the institutions and the citizens is very important in this field and the complementarity of the public policies and the real necessities emergent from the permanent consultations with the citizens need to lead to what all Romanians expect: a national politics for the expat Romanians.

State Adviser Sandra Pralong