Department of Economic and Social Policies

The Department of Economic and Social Policies provides analyses, syntheses and argumentations to support President of Romania’s positions and decisions concerning economic and social public policies. Equally, the Department of Economic and Social Policies analyses the evolution of the business environment through specialised studies and direct interaction with representatives of the business environment, in order to acknowledge and better comprehend the evolutions and concerns the entrepreneurs are facing.

Through its activity, the Department of Economic and Social Policies ensures informing President of Romania on the national and international economic evolutions through complex reports, syntheses and analyses that support options, proposals and points of view on different economic and social matters. Furthermore, depending on circumstances, the department represents President of Romania at related events (such as debates, forums, conferences) and organises meetings of President of Romania with the business environment and with economic institutions.

The department elaborates and supports proposals regarding President of Romania’s position relative to public policies or other events, approaches and topics of great significance on economic and social welfare.  

Presidential Adviser Cosmin-Ștefan Marinescu