National Political Agreement on increasing Defence funding (13 January 2015)

Taking into account our status of a NATO member state and the commitments Romania has made, including with reference to defence funding,

Acknowledging that the transatlantic solidarity of the NATO countries needs to demonstrate as regards supporting military expenditure,

Being engaged in a strategic partnership with the United States of America within which the military cooperation is the basis for safeguarding Romania’s security,

Aware of the risks Romania is facing as a consequence of the current regional geopolitical context which generates instability and insecurity and of the challenges The North-Atlantic Alliance is facing,

Concerned to ensure a corresponding procurement of modern combat equipment for the Romanian Armed Forces and to permanently improve the living quality for the military and civil personnel serving in the Romanian Armed Forces, 

Convinced that through a determined and coherent action assumed consensually by the entire political class, we, as a country, are able to fulfil our commitments on security and at the same time to safeguard peace and prosperity for the Romanian citizens,

WE, the signatories of this national political agreement, through all our future actions regarding the defence system, engage to resolve the following OBJECTIVES:

To increase funding for defence so that at the budgetary level of 2017 to reach 2% of the GDP. We thus guarantee to ensure a corresponding financial support for defence, as an essential condition for the proper functioning of the Romanian Armed Forces, through sustaining and developing procurement and training programmes.  

To maintain for the coming 10 years, during 2017-2027, a level of funding the Armed Forces of at least 2% of the GDP and as the financial resources will allow, increasing this percentage contingent on the security requirements and the commitments Romania is capable to take on. We engage to create a predictable and steadfast framework so as in the future to avoid decisions of diminishing the percentage for defence under 2% of the GDP, which would negatively influence the operational capability of the Armed Forces.

To guarantee a national political consensus in all the parliamentary parties, may they be in office or in the opposition, that pledges to observe the firm commitment to support the budgetary spending for the Armed Forces at a constant level of at least 2% of the DGP for the coming 10 years.  

To sustain the multiannual budgetary planning of the military spending in order to ensure a predictable policy on Romania’s Armed Forces procurement of modern combat equipment, as well as to develop cooperation projects between the national defence industry and foreign assigned companies.