Romanians Abroad

A powerful Romania is such a state that takes care of its citizens’ rights being observed, wherever they might live. Irrespective of distance, nationality can never be lost.

In a long-term approach, President of Romania’s goal is to develop a tight link between the Romanian society and Romanian state and the diaspora with benefits in both directions. It supposes, on the one hand, the capacity to valorise the strategic potential of the Romanian diaspora as a connection to other states and on the other hand it supposes that we at home know precisely what we ought to do for our diaspora.

It is necessary that the Romanian state increase its efforts to meet the legitimate aspirations of the Romanian citizens living abroad to be provided with service and consular assistance at a level concordant with a European Union member state.

Preserving and affirming the ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious Romanian identity of the communities abroad is one of the most outstanding objectives for the Romanian foreign policy. The traditional values need to represent the link between Romania and the Romanian communities abroad.

Living and working abroad needs to be a matter of choice not a constraint. This desire will be fulfilled when the Romanians abroad choose to return to their country, their work and performance being appreciated and rewarded the same here.


The Advisory Council

As it is in the world’s important states, it’s time Romania enable the Romanian communities abroad to establish an Advisory Council on Romanian Communities Abroad. A constant dialogue with the Romanians abroad and their delegates’ possibility to meet periodically are necessary for establishing a debate forum.

This body, set up under the initiative of the Presidential Administration, will constitute the formal framework for debates on the most important concerns of and about the Romanian communities, their fruition into public policies and their harmonization with those initiated by the public institutions in order to increase the outcomes.

Vote by Mail

Fundamental and permanent for Romania are such duties as to ensure and promote the rights of the Romanians abroad related to their status, their material and spiritual roots, their participative role. One of these rights is the right to vote.

In November 2015 Romania’s President promulgated the Law on voting by mail which was a goal assumed from the beginning of his mandate. The significance of this legislative act stands in ensuring the premises that all Romanians’ fundamental right to vote, wherever they may live across the world, shall be respected. A sustained dialogue, either with leaders of the political parties, with Romanian parliamentary members of the  Out-of-country Electoral Constituency or with representatives of the institutions in charge of the Romanian communities abroad, has generated a mediation framework meant to identify the best options so that Romania be able to ensure feasible, simple and lowest-cost solutions for the Romanian voters abroad.

The law as applies now represents a first step and is going to be exercised in the parliamentary coming elections. Once the procedure is ratified in the ballot for the Deputy Chamber and the Senate, the law will surely be improved.

Close to the Romanians Abroad

Meeting the Romanians abroad is always an important item on President Klaus Iohannis’s visit agenda.

The long-term goal is that Romania reach the expected level of welfare for the expat Romanians to have real options to come back, sure that at home their work is appreciated and rewarded the same. The decision to live and work abroad must become just a matter of choice, not a constraint.

Additionally, our compatriots abroad are genuine ambassadors of Romanian culture and traditions and represent the country’s visiting card abroad. Romania’s perception outside its borders is built up by each of millions of Romanians all over the world.

“Support each other and be united, be leaders in your communities, be aware of the strength you possess. I know your souls long for home. I therefore want you by my side to build Romania together as strong as we wish it to be. that Romania where you will love to come back to!”

In February 2016 President of Romania stated that “care for Diaspora is a priority.”

Accordingly, President Klaus Iohannis proposed to extend the perspective the Romanian state responds to the necessities of the Romanian communities abroad by adding to the concern of preserving the Romanian identity a wide range of services to specifically respond to the needs of Romanians abroad both regarding consular service and education, returning home and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Therefore, there have been adopted 25 specific measures to diminish the hardness of being long away from home that the Romanians abroad are experiencing and to ease their access to the services within their rights.

See the mentioned 25 measures here.