President Klaus Iohannis’s Country Project

President Klaus Iohannis’s Country Project consists of a European, modern and prosperous Romania. It is the path our country should undertake to provide its citizens security and prosperity. Nowadays, more than ever, the Romanians need an integrating and long-lasting approach instead of one derived from circumstantial political interests.

Consequently, President of Romania takes into consideration that such an approach cannot be fulfilled but in a consensus and serving a goal meant to get this country’s citizens together. The country project will represent the joint effort of a nation determined to reach its real potential and will concurrently be dedicated to the next generations who will benefit from a more powerful and more dignified Romania.

A Presidential Commission has been created to elaborate the Country Project with the purpose to debate and provide guidelines to develop and modernize Romania, as well as to draft a programmatic political document meant to reach a consensus of the parliamentary parties and political fractions.

The Commission led by Presidential Advisers Cosmin Marinescu and Leonard Orban, consists of 26 members who are independent persons and representatives of the parliamentary parties and political fractions. After the Commission have drown up the first draft of the country project, this will be subjected to the public debate and adopted dependent on the result of the talks with the civil society and the institutional partners. Subsequently, the strategic document will be also politically assumed.

Up to now the Presidential Commission have held several workgroup meetings when four thematic documents have been worked out that will lay the groundwork for the final document of the country project.  

The Commission had its last plenary session on July 14 this year when the four thematic guidelines of the country project were discussed and analysed.